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If It Flies…VREF Can Value It!

Since 1994, VREF has been Aviation’s most trusted source of aircraft values. VREF is the official value guide for AOPA, and every major lender in the industry.

VREF is for aviation professionals that rely on independent and unbiased values whether they are an accredited appraiser, a pilot, a broker, bank, or flight department manager.

VREF Online offers subscribers access to a complete database of aircraft, including all piston fixed wing, all turbine and turbo-prop fixed wing, turbine and piston helicopters, commercial narrow body fixed wing, and coming soon a stand alone engine guide and UAV Guide. Everyone involved with aircraft transactions should subscribe to VREF Online.

VREF Appraisals provides comprehensive valuations to determine an aircraft’s Current Market Value and/or Forecasted Residual Value, giving our clients accurate figures and projections. Over the years, VREF and its staff have appraised several thousand aircraft, individual and fleet, with values in excess of 300 Billion Dollars. In addition to monitoring and appraisals of Commercial Jets, Regional/Commuter and Executive/Business Aircraft, we also specialize in Engines, Spares, Inventories, Support Equipment, Fixed Base Operations and Antique or Museum aircraft and artifacts.

VREF Verified is an on-demand opinion of value and was created to assist our subscribers with complex aircraft valuations, for example: refurbished trainers, remanufactured aircraft, heavily modified aircraft, conversions, and aircraft with a small fleet size or for aircraft that might be out of the knowledge base of the professional. VREF Verified provides a comprehensive evaluation based on the aircrafts actual component status and installed equipment and is returned to the subscriber “Stamped” and verified the same business day.

VREF Expert Witness and Legal Services offers Litigation and Expert Witness support based on 3 decades of expertise and over 50 cases in Federal Court. VREF provides superior investigative skills, in-depth knowledge and expertise, myopic focus, and attention to detail. VREF legal experts have never lost a case, our industry leading training and experience will provide you the utmost confidence in VREF’s ability to handle all types of legal matters. Services include deposition and deposition support, consulting witness, and testifying in court. Simply stated, VREF is the most credible source of aircraft valuations. Our appraisers have testified in United States Federal Court, are trusted by numerous Aircraft Manufactures, Banks, and the leading law firms in the United States.

We made the switch to VREF

After 30+ years with the Bluebook I have decided to switch over and use your services.

Scott Fank
An Essential Tool

VREF is an essential part of our daily work in the aircraft sales and consulting industry. Their ability to provide up-to-date and practical real world information within our target aircraft segments allows us to help guide our clients on finding the best value for their aircraft listing or acquisition project.

Justin Sherrill
An Accurate and Reliable Source

I have been completing aircraft appraisals for Individuals, Corporate Flight Departments and others for over 40 years. In the last 20+ years I have relied on and included VREF data and information in almost every report I have written. I find it an accurate and reliable source of value information and look forward to the new data that will now be provided, making an already excellent product even better.

Reliable and Up To Date

Generating accurate and reliable valuations for ourselves, our customers and bankers is essential to our business. VREF’s new management is doing a great job listening to their customers and to providing more useful and accurate information to support that need. Keep up the good work.

I am delighted that VREF is adding, and delivering Superior Data, and Information

I have been using multiple aircraft value publications since the 1980’s, and I have never seen any of these publications, until now (specifically the VREF) actively attempting to overhaul the amount, accuracy, and format of the data that it reports to its subscribers. It has been my experience that this type of publication usually always – over time, removes data, drops specific makes, and models, and just overall reduces the information that it provides to subscribers. Yes, new makes, and models get added as they are sold as new deliveries, but I have never seen an aircraft value publication go to the lengths that I am seeing VREF attempting to achieve. I am delighted to be a subscriber of VREF.

Jeremy R.C. Cox
Vref since inception

I have been using Vref ever since it started the first publication. Always on top of the market and always right.

VREF = Asset

VREF is an asset to Oshman Aviation that is used daily for critical up-to-date valuation data. Whether we are valuing a trade-in, conducting an appraisal on behalf of a client, or studying market trends, VREF is our trusted tool. There’s no competition to to the accuracy and service VREF provides to our industry!

Excellent Service

Using Vref was simple, fast and helpful. The information provided is essential in sale or acquisition of an aircraft. I would use again.

David Yates
DJ Aviation
Already great, and getting better and better each day

We have used Vref for years as our primary valuation reference. Since Jason has taken over, the power and information of Vref has improved substantially. I have found the information more accurate to the current market with regular updates. This is extremely important in today’s economic environment. Vref has also expanded the types available and added indexes which has been extremely beneficial. Our firm will continue to use and support Vref moving forward and would recommend this service to anyone looking for valuation support.

Trusted data

I always heavily rely on data to make key decisions for all things. VREF has over 25 years of proven historical data that I can rely on make key decisions for both myself and my clients when buying or selling aircraft.

David Fitzgerald
The Very Best

As a subscriber of Vref for over a decade.  I am so happy to give our sales data to a team that understands and appreciates its value. We are happy to be a small part of making this the very best value software in the industry.  We are excited to see the direction that Jason and team will lead Vref in the future.


Jaime Steel-Potter
The Vref database is an essential resource

The Vref database is an essential resource for supporting the activities of the Business Aviation Specialty Group at Bank OZK. This database supports a variety of departments including; Sales, Asset Management, Underwriting, and Portfolio Management.

Our sales team uses the data when interacting with prospects and clients. The Vref data provides a “value-add platform” creating a consulting relationship and not a commodity discussion. Our Asset Management team uses the database to analyze specific airplanes supporting our sales and their marketing activities. Using the database supports their efforts to present financing terms that protect the client from unforeseen economic and valuation risks. The Underwriters, in concert with sales and asset management departments, present credit memos that are technically accurate with confidence and authority. Having access to the Vref data gives the underwriter the visibility to identify potential risks with the airplane loan.  The Portfolio team uses the database to managing the performance and concentration issues. By using Vref they can analyze specific aviation risk and protect the portfolio by making adjustments to the diversity of airplanes entering into the mix. These activities would not occur without the support of the Vref database. 

Our goal is to provide accurate data to our clients so they can make informed decisions without taking unnecessary financial risks. Vref is a strategic product supporting our markets and the industry at large.

We recommend this product without hesitation.

Michael Cole
THE source for unbiased information

When our company was selling an aircraft and buying another, VRef was instrumental in determining fair market value for both and determining the outlook for value retention going forward. We will use them again and I would highly recommend them to anyone who may be in the market, or has the need to track such.

The most accurate and reliable aircraft value and appraisals form a trusted source!

Lets be honest, appraisals on aircraft are a more than just plugging in aircraft total times and years. There are so many things that can increase the value and lots to decrease. PistonPower offers hourly cost maintenance programs and Vref recognizes that these programs not only increase the value of the asset but also offer protection and stabilization that everyone can appreciate especially;  lenders, dealers and private operators. We use Vref to get the most accurate values and  appraisals and no longer rely on theBluebook. This is a constantly changing industry and its good to have a reliable source that’s easy to work with.

Remi Szymanski
great base point

vref has allowed me to follow real world sales in such a fashion that I did not overpay on my last aircraft purchase. It’s the info you need if you are going to purchase even just one aircraft.
don’t overpay ever!

patrick t greber
Great source of information

VREF is a Great source of information!

Bob Kalhori
Great Value

We have used VREF several years and love the ease to use and the value it provides to our company!


From the very first contact with VREF to the receipt of our report, the process was smooth and timely. After the receipt of the initial report, VREF was helpful in answering questions and helping me to verify the information contained within. I look forward to using them again.


Brady Folkestad
Vref has helped guide me for years!

I have been an aircraft appraiser for over 18 years and Vref has given me the type of information I need to complete an accurate appraisal for Litigation, banking or just purchases or selling.

Thank you for the excellent service!

Dear VREF Team,

Thank you for continuous service in providing conmprehensive insight into aviation industry market. It is an imperative material with deep insight on wide range of jets, turboprops and helicopters.

VREF makes it easy…

VREF makes it easy  to add and subtract for actual equipment and conditions which means my values are more accurate. Accuracy is what counts!

Jay Gould
Total Aircraft Management Inc.
VREF is an excellent…..

I have used VREF as a reference tool for many years. In many markets, data is not readily available and you must seek it out diligently. VREF is an excellent part of our tool box in determining where specific markets are moving.

Our team relies on VREF

Our team relies on VREF for timely and reliable intelligence. We prefer VREF and find the numbers are more consistent than Bluebook. Thank you for continuing to provide a quality product.

Rebecca Posoli-Cilli
Trusted aircraft valuation reference

Vref Online is one of the first reference sources I look up when appraising an aircraft for sale.

It gives me a good basis on which to assess the likely resale value and make an informed recommendation to my client, the vendor.

Wouldn’t be without it.

This is a must-have tool for any aircraft sales company or independent broker

Vref, is the superhighway to appraising aircraft and also create an air of transparency between buyers and sellers because it gives you some of the most accurate market information in a vast array of aircraft.

Vref has helped me as an independent broker double the business I bring in, because of the ease of use for the tool and also presenting more accurate information to my clients.

Miguel del Rosario

Just a Few of The Clients We Serve